Rarr Designs

We are a small team, girls just like YOU, made up of friends and family. We love working together and put that same love into fabulous and unique exercise garb just for you.

Spandex is our best friend and our addiction to all things cute and sparkly lead us to creating amazing booty shorts, bras and other accessories for our other passion - Pole Dancing.

Soon the Pole dancers started talking to the Cheerleaders , who raved to the roller girls and gym junkies and soon the Yoga ladies were Ooming in bright, positive colours.

The Yummy Mummies spoke to other Yummy Mummies and soon we were making leggings for their babes and great outfits for their mini me’s.

Our workshop is in the burbs of Melbourne. 80% of our products are Australian, Melbourne Made.

We try and keep our prices as low and affordable as possible so you can buy lots more cute pieces to wear to Pole, Gym or just hanging around.

Our designs are as individual as you are, if you can describe it – we can supply it.

Edgy, Bright – a little bizarre - We are Rarr!

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